Maritime Museums of Victoria

About MMV

The Maritime Museums of Victoria (MMV) is a grouping of individual museums each with its own identity and autonomy. Through membership of the MMV museums combine to collect, display, conserve and interpret our maritime heritage in an exciting and integrated way.

This multi-site organisation provides more meaningful interpretation by referring to local maritime environments. Members are non-profit-distributing, and dedicated to developing and maintaining excellence in their operations. As members of Museums Australia Inc., our museums subscribe to professional standards. All function with a great deal of community input and invite community participation. For details please contact member museums.

MMV's Mission

To provide Victorian maritime museums with a mutually beneficial association through which they may share knowledge and experience and promote their own interests and those of other Member museums.

To encourage each Member museum to specialise in the maritime heritage which is unique or peculiar to its past, its type, its locality, or its people.

To facilitate the exchange of ideas and the discussion of maritime heritage issues including research, collection management, education, preservation, conservation, restoration, interpretation and displays, volunteer recruitment, promotion and funding.

MMV Conferences